Spending over 30 years as an accountant, Leigh has been able to establish and offer a full spectrum of services designed to assist both individuals and business owners alike. These services when combined with the cultural identity essay conclusion ability to work with clients using a mature and responsible approach in a flexible and dynamic way is a contributing factor to ongoing success in the accounting profession.

As a professional account and mortgage broker, the priority is to uphold high levels of customer service, to focus on the clients best interest, to build trust and to maintain professionalism at all times.

Accounting Services

As a professional practitioner Leigh provides an unrivaled service, professional expertise and strict confidentiality. Asset protection strategies, tax planning techniques, business planning and other support services are examples of the accounting services on offer either directly or through a network of third party service providers comprising legal professionals, financial planners and mortgage managers.

Mortgage Broking

We provide access to home loan products from over 35 well known banks and secure mortgage lenders to assist clients to make an informed decision about home or investment finance. When you consider the number of lenders and home loans and the inconsistency of interest rates available across the major banks in today’s market we understand just how daunting the whole home loan process can be if you don’t have the right knowledge. Thus utilising the services of a home loan expert can not only save time and stress but, in some instances, money. Home finance assessments are provided at no cost, are confidential and at absolutely no obligation.

Legal Services

We engage the services of leading law firms in Australia to provide a range of legal services for both personal and business clients. We partner with law firms recognised for their expertise in practice areas write my college essay such as asset protection, estate planning, land tax, conveyance, partnerships and other structures such as companies, trusts and superannuation funds.